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Making high quality designs for 3D printing is time consuming. It is months of work. I used to sell them. Now I give them for free. In return, here are 5 ways you can help me keep making free quality content.

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Thank you to my First Hour Supporters

In 2021 I was selling my models 30$ each. Many individuals gave me their trust and purchased my models. In 2022 Due to complexities about sales taxes, I decided to stop selling my models and offering them for free while accepting gifts from supporters.  I consider myself very lucky to have these persons support my designs from the beginning.  I want them to know that I consider them Lifetime Supporters. Thank you to:

R. Lewin
R. Pedro
W. Harris
J. Drain
Steve K.
A. DeMelo
P. Ouwehand
S. Woodworking
C. Lanteigne
A. Dionne


B. Parker
B. Hamilton
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M. Moukannis
C. Argenti
R. Damata
Greg D.
T. Signorelli
M. Zemski


B. Hastings
F. Silvia
P. Kobrle
M. Lawrie
A. Junek
B. Gauvillé
L. Proulx
R. Christopher
B. Gidney
B. Majors


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J. Hervy
D. Shealey
A. Turkovic
P. Thompson
JM. Atienza
M. Reiner
G. Dolan


M. Zimmerman
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Y. Fortin
D. Husolo
K. Filosofou
M. Lafond
M. Rudinsky
D. Brooks


Thank you to all my Supporters who bought me a Coffee or made a Donation through Paypal

I truly appreciate your support. I hope you enjoy the models as much as I enjoy making them!

H. Monfette
Bostjan L.
C. Camp
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J. Jenkins
L. Nadon
M. Malo
J. Kestens
M. Malo
T. Weber
P. Murzin
P. Lefebvre
J. Kestens
Y. Baumann
K. Weedon
M. Lafond

P. Ducharme
E. Le Dunois
M. Pestana
Alex A.
D. Rapali
R. Mickolayck
D. Gullick
P. Lefebvre
V. Boucher
M. Bergman
D. Cook
S. Lintern
R. Bigelow
N. Tingaud
N. Rowley

Pascal V.
R. Ziegler
M. Malo
B. Stanley
V. Aubourg
P. Telford
P. Viscovish
J. Kestens
R. Sharp
R. Sharp
M. Lafond
G. Petersohn
T. Cordes
R. Sharp
I. Carballal
D. Mcmurdo

P.J. Feeney
S. Collins
T. Fisher
M. Criss
D. Deaton
C. Camp
M. Audouin
M. Malo
M. Lafond
P. Marcola
J. Woermbke
D. Leliaert
G. Delazaro
D. Cook
D. Miller

B. Hochstrasser
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K. Jolley
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D. Cook
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T. Fisher
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